Journey Beyond the Great Tree

Need something absorbing to occupy the kids — like an unusual and relevant story?

A story that takes at least an afternoon to read?

A novel?

A novel of family life and surreal adventure with a Florida Muslim girl on a quest to help her father and cure an ailing orange tree, Journey Beyond the Great Tree offers lessons from Islamic tradition that middle grade readers (ages 9 to 12) can appreciate.

Deadly citrus greening bacteria have infected orange trees in Florida, and without his trusty, great tree to rely on for fruit, Mr. Farooq’s orange juice company looks doomed as well. Journey Beyond the Great Tree tells the story of his daughter’s search for a cure. Join Safa Farooq as she meets a winged creature and an invisible Quran teacher who help her evade interplanetary jinn. Grab onto a branch and hoist yourself up as she ascends a fantastic, ailing tree to ride a dragon into outer space, seeking an elixir. Read and understand every word of a child-friendly dialogue that gives Safa a rational basis for believing in the existence of God.

Give a kid something good to read. Approved by Ustadha Zaynab Ansari and Shaykh Qays Arthur.

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When a south Florida blight threatens to kill the fantastic orange tree that supplies her father’s juice company with fruit, Safa Farooq begins climbing the tree, in search of answers. On its high branches, she meets friendly, good creatures and wicked beings as well as a mentor who teaches her to recite the Quran and evade invisible enemies in her quest for a cure. Will Safa save Mr. Farooq’s Organic Orange Juice, or will she get lost, forever, among the branches of the towering, great tree? Find out and learn the lessons that could help Safa and company on their journey of knowledge and remembrance.


About the author

Adnan Ashraf was born in Northampton, England. Until the age of twelve, his home was in northeastern Ohio mainly, where his father was a Trumbull County pediatrician. Blessed with religious education in a Muslim community Sunday school, Adnan learned how to read the Quran, as well as swim, play soccer, and type — all in Ohio; and he began writing fiction. Afterwards, he lived in Karachi for a time before graduating from high school in Florida. He studied writing, literature and languages, and visual art in college. He began learning sacred knowledge from traditional scholars in a formal setting at the Zaytuna Institute in 2000 and 2001. Since then, he has continued learning intermittently around the world whilst teaching English. His essay “A Vehicle for the Sacred” was published by Brill in 2017. Journey Beyond the Great Tree is his first middle grade novel (Zaynab Books, 2020). Currently, he resides with his wife and children in the Chicago metropolitan area, where he is employed as a literature and language arts teacher at a private school .





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